This feature allows to generate basic time and attendance reports. Before using this feature, at least 2 readers must be configured with Clock in and Clock out functions.

Operator required to have "Reports Read", permissions in order to generate T&A report.

Create report

Navigate to "Reports → Time & Attendance".

Click "Create" button.

Template Name -

Select Companies/Departments/Titles - if field is selected, only those users with selected company/department/title will appear in generated list, otherwise report will contain all users.

From/To - selected interval will be used for report generation.

First In - Last out - if checked, total time will be calculated between the first clock in access event and the last clock out access event - all access events during the day are ignored. If unchecked, total time will be calculated with intervals -  first clock in - first clock, after this interval again first clock in - first clock out. Sum of all of these interval will be shown in "Working hours"

Report type - generated report will be downloadable in selected format.  Switching format requires to generate new report.