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Trigger can be used for gathering additional information during events, for example: on access denied, trigger activates camera which captures image or video of location, where access denied appeared.

Create new Trigger

To create new trigger, press press

Name - enter name of the trigger (must be unique).

Filters - select filters, which will activate the trigger.


When trigger is activated, actions can be assigned to the trigger:

Attach video source snapshot

Create filter for trigger action:

  1. Press "Edit filter" button
  2. Select camera from the list which will capture snapshot during the triggered event.
  3. Press Save.
  4. Press on filters and select newly created filter.

Attach video source playback

  1. Repeat steps described above or select already created camera filter.

Trigger door strike

  1. Create filter at which selected door strike relay will be activated by trigger event.

Send mail

  1. Create filter at which selected users will receive email by trigger event. User must have email address.
  2. Enter outgoing email server address.
  3. Enter outgoing email user login.
  4. Enter outgoing email user password.
  5. Enable email encryption (SSL) if server requires this option.
  6. Enter from email address.
  7. Enter email message content.
  8. Enter email message subject.
  9. Enter port number for outgoing mail server.

Trigger script

  1. Create filter, at which selected script will be executed by trigger event.

Turn off output

  1. Create filter, at which selected outputs will be turned off by trigger event.

Turn on output

  1. Create filter or select already created filter, at which selected outputs will be turned on by trigger event.

HTTP Request

When trigger is activated, this mode sends HTTP request with configured parameters:

  • Method: available methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
  • Endpoint URL - link to which request will be sent. Must add "http://" before the link.
    Optional data can be added to the request:
  • Parameter
  • Header
  • Body
    Press to add data from the event, if it is available, otherwise null value will be sent.

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