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Card Formats

Enable/Disable card formats for CredoID system.

Only one of 34 bit and one of 37 bit formats can be enabled at the same time. Other formats have no restrictions.

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Global e-mail settings

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These settings will be used each time, when creating new trigger action - send email.

  • Outgoing SMTP server - server which will be used to send email.
  • Port - port used for sending outgoing emails.
  • From email - email from address which will be displayed when email is sent.
  • Username - username used fopr logging into SMTP server.
  • Password - password used for logging into SMTP server.
  • Enable SSL - enable mail encryption if server requires it.

User Import

If Employee number is selected as primary key: all users will be required to have unique employee number in CredoID and it will be required field during user create.


First name and Last name will are not required to be unique during user create on any settings.

During users import primary key must be unique in the import file.

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Backup & Restore

  • Enable automatic backup every days - back will be created automatically at the set interval, at 00:00 (12:00 AM).
  • Create backup - manually create backup at pressed time.
  • Restore backup - backup (database and settings) will be restored to the selected file.

If SQL server is at remote server, backup will not be executed.

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At this tab automatic delete can be enabled. Delete checks runs every hour.



Daylight Saving Time (DST) - select accordingly to preferred value. If not selected, during saving time hour change, schedules may not be applied correctly and will cause 1 hour difference.

Access control keypad settings - length of PIN used with access controller. Length of all pin codes should match this parameter.

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PIN Readers

PIN length - set global pin length parameters for all devices. Longer pin digits will be ignored if exceeded this limit.

LED & Beeper

You can configure up to 3 templates. "Default template" is configured to match devices manufacturer default configuration. Full color table supported only by OSDP readers, while wiegand readers only support up to 2 colors.

On/Off color - color for reader LED state.

On/Off Time - time interval in 0.1 seconds.

Repeat count - this parameter will determine how many cycles LED On/Off will run.

Beep count - this parameter will set how many times reader will beep on credential read.

titleBeeper with "Door held open", "Door force open"

HID VertX EVO series devices will activate beeper on "Door held open", "Door force open" events. Beeper activation/deactivation time is not configurable.

HID Aero series devices beeper can be configured at "C:\ProgramData\Midpoint-Security\CredoID Service\Config", by editing "config.scp.json" file.

Service restart and device synchronization are required for changes to take affect.

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Completely deletes database, configuration and other files. Backup files are not removed.