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At devices tab, all devices that are related to CredoID is displayed. Devices needs to configured correctly otherwise it may not be detected by CredoID software.

If configured correctly, device will appear in "Discover" list and it doesn't need to be added manually.

Windows Firewall may be blocking the connection and device will not appear on "Discovered" list so additional ports opening may be required in Windows Firewall:

  • Mercury – 3001;
  • HID – 4050, 4070;
  • ASB Security – 20002, 20005;
  • AERO  - 3002;
  • CredoID mobile app - 58032.

Device related settings

Each configured device appears on this lest. If device is expanded, device inputs states will be shown.

Possible configuration states:

  • Offline - unknown;
  • Pending - configurations were made in the software, which require manual device synchronization;
  • Completed - All configurations were synchronized with device;
  • Sync Error - device configuration failed due the error.

Internal inputs states, of Tamper, Battery, AC State*:

  • Failed - input ADC value not in default ranges;
  • Normal - input state is normal
  • Unknown - unable to get input state.

* - depends on device type.


- enable/disable device.

- this button appears configurations were made, that require manual devices synchronization in order for changes to be applied. Clicking on this tab directly forwards to the "Devices" tab.

- exports devices devices list in PDF document.

Device Modules

Only main module detected automatically. For external modules, manual detection should be executed by pressing 


Modules with names longer , than 50 characters will not be added.


It is recommended to use module detection function if modules are already connected to the system. If modules are not detected, most likely it is caused by incorrect modules installation or because of incorrect internal modules configuration.