Add User

To create new user, press

When creating new user, additional screen on the right side appears:

User related settings


Location - At least 1 location is required for user. Default "Main location". 

First name - required field.

Last name - required field.

Middle name - optional.


Click for the options:

  • Upload image from PC - select photo image destination. Photo limits: . Supported extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp.
  • Take picture - select camera to take a picture.
  • Remove - removes photo from database.


Mobile - mobile number.

Email - users email address.


Employee number - must be unique for each user.

Company - select from list or if not created, press  next to the new company name, to add new item to companies list.

Department - select from list or if not created, press next to the new department name, to add new item to departments list.

Title - select from list or if not created, press next to the new title name, to add new item to titles list.


Activation date & time - until set value, user is inactive.

Expiration date & time - date and time and which user is deactivated.


Additional 1, additional 2, additional 3 - Custom additional information.

Assign Access Level to User

Up to 8 access levels can be assigned.

Access level contains:

  • access level name (example "Everywhere");
  • location name (example "No location").

Access levels for locations appears only if location is applied to the user.

Add Identifications

Same type of identification for user is assigned in  different sets.

Identification sets
  • Card format - select new card format from supported card format list.
  • Card number - CSN number of the card.
  • Card data - hex number of card.
  • Facility code - card facility code.
  •  - unused cards button: cards stored in memory that were presented on the system.
  •  - scan card button: select device from device list, which will be used to scan new card.
  • Visible number -(optional) this field can be used, if scanned card number is different than printed on the card.

PIN number must be unique for each user.

Pin number must match length set in Settings. Max pin length 8 digits.

License plate

License plate can be used in systems with configured License plate recognition.

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